Felipe Alexandre MA, LAC


Felipe received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Vermont and his Master of Arts in
Clinical Mental Health Counseling from New Jersey City University. He is a New Jersey Board
Licensed Associate Counselor and Psychotherapist practicing in Montclair, NJ. He works with
diverse clients and problems and specializes in treating individuals who struggle with anxiety &
social disorders, depression, eating disorders, relationship problems, and career difficulties.
Felipe’s clinical experiences have been diverse. He has previously worked at an in-patient
substance abuse facility and New Jersey City University’s Counseling Center, providing
undergraduate and graduate students with individual, couple, and group counseling. In addition
to working in a private practice setting, he now also delivers direct clinical services, such as
individual & family Psychotherapy and crisis intervention, at Jersey City Medical Center’s
department of Emergency Screening.

Felipe believes in the power of a therapeutic relationship. He approaches each session in a non-
formulaic way to offer a unique encounter for the purpose of helping patients make better sense
of themselves, their choices, and the world around them. He enters each session with curiosity,
openness, and a non-judgmental mindset. These therapeutic attributes are essential to his patients
as they pursue self-discovery. While guided by Psycho dynamic and Humanistic principles, he
adopts an integrative approach to treatment that blends elements of various theories.

Felipe helps clients discover new possibilities for happiness and fulfillment and empowers them
to become the agents of their own self-actualization. As individuals become freer and gain
greater self-awareness, they can identify patterns in their lives that they may desire to change.
Felipe offers a warm, supportive environment and helps clients explore their innermost thoughts,
feelings, and experiences. Through their exploration, they can uncover the tools needed to make
positive life changes. Felipe loves his work and looks forward to getting to know each of his
clients and entering their world.