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located at 311 Claremont Ave. in Montclair, opened its doors in July 2011. Gianna, the sole Counselor/Therapist at the time, provided assistance to individuals seeking a fulfilling, functional, and stress-free life and personal growth.

ANSWERS thru COUNSELING is committed to providing a peaceful environment where patients receive high-quality services that empower them to achieve their maximum happiness and live a life they deserve.

Since its opening, ANSWERS thru COUNSELING has experienced overwhelming demand, leading to the addition of a full staff of therapists. To accommodate busy schedules, the center has also extended its hours of operation to include daytime, evening, and weekend appointments.

We offer a peaceful environment

How We Can Help

Where patients receive quality service that will enable them to reach their fullest potential of happiness, in a life that is deserved by all.

  • Anorexia/Bulimia
  • Depression
  • Behavior Therapy
  • Self Harm
  • Anger Management
  • Relationship Counseling

When you become so preoccupied with food and weight issues that you find it harder and harder to focus on other aspects of your life, it may be an early sign of an eating disorder. Studies suggest that 1 in 20 people will be affected at some point in their lives.

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Depression attacks all individuals and ages. The feeling is one of hopelessness, sadness, regret, feeling like there is no point to life or living. Depression is very common, yet many times not treated. Counseling aids and benefits tremendously.

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Therapists apply behavioral therapy also known as didactic behavior therapy to assist parents with defiant children. Behavioral therapy starts with a daily schedule and a routine using a method of work then play. This method has been viewed on the hit show “Super Nanny”. The Concept is, complete your chores then get a reward; have free play time, or social time. If routine/ chores/ work isn’t completed the reward (money, stickers, movies, computer time) isn’t granted. We also work with how to deal with tantrums.

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Self-harm is the deliberate infliction of damage to your own body and includes cutting, burning, and other forms of injury. While cutting can look like attempted suicide, it’s often not; most people who mutilate themselves do it as a way to regulate mood. People who hurt themselves in this way may be motivated by a need to distract themselves from inner turmoil or to quickly release anxiety that builds due to an inability to express intense emotions.

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The goal of anger management is to reduce both your emotional feelings and the physiological arousal that anger causes. You can’t get rid of, or avoid, the things or the people that enrage you, nor can you change them, but you can learn to control your reactions.

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Relationship counseling, also called couples therapy, is a type of psychotherapy. Relationship counseling helps couples of all types recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships. Through counseling, you can make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding your relationship or going your separate ways.

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Professional Counseling Staff: Dedicated to Your Emotional Well-being and Growth


New Jersey/New York Licensed Professional Counselor Gianna Caruso is a highly skilled and licensed professional counselor specializing in family and marriage counseling. With a degree from Long Island University and licenses to practice in New York and New Jersey, Gianna has over 2 decades of experience helping individuals, couples, and families overcome challenges and achieve […]


Nadine graduated from Kean University with her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She holds a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice as well. Nadine has a passion for reading psychological thrillers and practicing pyrography. She is also an avid fencer, having been a member of the Egyptian National Team as both a Cadet and Senior […]


“Now every time I witness a strong person, I want to know: What dark did you conquer in your story? Mountains do not rise without earthquakes.” ― Katherine MacKenett With a profound belief in the inner strength of each person, Lauren views adversity as a transformative force that can be harnessed with dedication and hard […]


After graduating from Seton Hall University in 1993, Carolyn entered the corporate world to work in public relations and then onto broadcast journalism. Although determined to make use of her degree, Carolyn found herself yearning for a different and more fulfilling career path. After raising three daughters, a newfound passion for fitness ensued. After a […]


Licensed Associate Counselor “Feel the Fear and DO it anyway.” (Susan Jeffers). One of the first emotions a client feels about attending therapy is usually fear. It is quite normal to have such a feeling. This is a non-judgment zone and a place where one can feel “safe.” Jessica works with all ages, particularly adolescents […]


Mandi Zucker has over 20 years in the field of death, dying and bereavement. She has dedicated her career to supporting people of all ages through loss of all kinds. Ms. Zucker is an experienced presenter, trainer and grief support group facilitator.She has extensive experience in hospice with end of life issues, nonprofits and schools. […]


Licensed Social Worker Jessica earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Rutgers University (2012) and a Master of Science degree in Social Work from Columbia University (2014). She is currently a licensed social worker, working towards her clinical licensure, and a school certified social worker. Jessica has professional experience working within a school […]

Breaking the stigma, one conversation at a time.

Mental Health Conditions

A mental illness is a condition that affects a person’s thinking, feeling or mood. Such conditions may affect someone’s ability to relate to others and function each day. Each person will have different experiences, even people with the same diagnosis.


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Repetitive and routine behaviors, such as walking in a specific pattern on eating the same meal every day. Read More…


Anticipating the worst and being watchful for signs of danger. Read More…


Restlessness or irritability. Read More…

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Get in touch or look at the Treatment FAQ.

  • Initial assessment

    A face to face assessment that entails a conversation with a series of questions that will enable the counselor/therapist an understanding of what your counseling needs are.

  • A treatment plan

    According to your assessment a treatment will be determined.

  • Treatment goals

    Treatment goals will be determined and created by therapist and patient.

  • Therapy Sessions

    A 45-60 min session dedicated to the patient with the therapists’ full attention, with positive regard, no judgments, and empathetic compassion. Depending on progress of treatments, quantity of sessions will be estimated, and determined within the 2 sessions. However if symptoms continue, a new treatment plan or referral to another appropriate agency may prolong therapy. Cost and insurance limitations may render less treatment plans.

  • Confidential Conversations

    All conversations during therapeutic sessions are confidential, unless life threatening situations develop that alarm the therapist, such as, immediate threat to patient’s life or someone else.

    Our professional therapists listen to you and your needs without biases. We are here to help alleviate some of your life’s concerns, assist in getting you get back on track, and to cope with your problems.

  • Payments for services rendered

    At Answers thru Counseling your therapy sessions may be covered by “Out of Network” medical insurance, upon the deductible being met.

    Fees can be discussed at time of the appointment. Our first priority is helping our clients and that may include different payment options. We accept cash, personal and insurance checks, major credit cards. We also offer our hourly fee on a sliding scale and payment plans for those who qualify.

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